11 Cool and Refreshing Summer Treats for Kids

The summertime can be a tough period to handle kids. The best way to cool them down from the summer heat would be to prepare something special every day during the summer heat. Besides, this is the time of the year, you can bring out the summer treats. 

There is always something that is ready in our refrigerator. You can find several simple summer dessert recipes. They can please your taste buds at the same time. Preparing some refreshing summer treats for kids ensures that your child gets the essential nutrition they require.

Besides, the easy summer treats like summer drinks & snacks help your kids cool off during this season. After your kids come back from school or playing under the hot sun, they definitely need something cold, nice, and refreshing, to provide a midday energy boost.

11 Cool and Refreshing Summer Treats

Summer days are not the same as their school days. We can assure you that the best summer treats are simple to make for your kids. Let us now delve into the post and read about some of the delicious summer treats.

Cadbury Chocolate Cake

Our list begins with everybody’s favourite, the cadbury chocolate cake. Just make sure to refrigerate it, so that it is consumed cold during the summertime. The cake is simple & easy to prepare.

You will need the usual ingredients of chocolate powder, cocoa powder, and some chips, if you want to. You need to prepare it the usual method of adding the baking powder, and other ingredients as well. 

Sizzling Brownie

Brownies are an all-time favourite with kids. We bring to you the sizzling brownie with ice cream. This sizzling brownie dish comes drenched with some chocolate syrup in the end. Make it special by adding your own flavours and tastes.

Frozen Banana Ice Cream

Did you know that you can make ice cream from frozen bananas? Just blend them up, and you have a sweet and creamy treat that is ready for your favourite mix-ins. Dani Spies with Clean and Delicious suggests trying nuts, chocolate chips, sprinkles or coconut flakes and topping options.

Any Flavour Popsicles

Like the name goes any flavour popsicles can be made from any ingredients that you want for your kids. You can mix some granola with chocolate flavouring, and get the right kind of summertime treat.

Carrot Cake Bites 

Kids love carrots, and they like to consume them whenever they can. How about preparing something delicious from them? You can puree the carrots, and then add some milk of your choice. 

Most of the dishes that have been mentioned here are trial & error. You can make use of any element that your kids love to have with the carrots. It is all about preparing something that is soothing for this summer season.

Frozen Blueberry Pops

Next, we have some frozen blueberry pops. Nothing more better, than popping some frozen blueberry pops into your mouth, with some flavour attached to it. You can make use of yogurt, and fruits of your choice. 

Here, we will be making use of blueberries. Now, comes the waiting period, for a few hours. You need to place the drink inside the freezer. 

Watermelon Smoothie

It goes without saying that the watermelon is one of the best fruits to consume during the summer time. It is not surprising to see everybody slice into the watermelon and bite into it. How about preparing a smoothie using the fruit? 

You can take the help of your kids and come up with as many variations as you want. Perhaps, you can prepare a delicious slushie that helps your kids stay cool during this summer, that is only growing hotter each day.

Dipped cones

Nobody says no to cone ice cream. This is inspired from the cone ice cream. You can prepare these dipped cones, using everybody’s favourite flavour, chocolate. Just make sure that the dipping is nice & thick, this way it stays on the cone, when your kids dip it inside. 

For the ice cream, you can make use of vanilla favloured ice cream. It is simply good with the chocolate dippings. Of course, you can use some melted candy, and then dip the cones in them, and then roll it in sprinkles.

Watermelon pizza

Watermelon & pizza are two food elements that can’t be said no to. Kids simply adore these items, so why not just combine them. That is right. You will need a large watermelon, and some elements like fruits, and some chocolate powder, as optional. 

We may suggest that you use a wide range of fruits to your liking like mangos, blueberries, and some unsweetened coconut flakes. Now, just slice the watermelon, use it as the base, and add the toppings.

You are ready for your pizza. May we add, that this decadent-looking summer pizza is healthy. Of course, it is delicious too.

Fruity Frozen Yogurt

The fruity frozen yoghurt is another smoothie that your kids will surely love to drink during the summer season. Perhaps, you can take their help and add your own variations to this wonderful beverage.

You need some plain yogurt, with delicious chocolate toppings before you want to freeze them for sometime. We know, this is the hardest part of preparing this smoothie. Of course, you can add your own elements to make it unbelievable. 

Raspberry Cooler

The Raspberry cooler could be one of your favourites. This homemade raspberry lemonade comes with everything that you could want during the summertime. This sweet drink will have you wanting at home more often.

Prepared from sugar, water, freshly squeezed lemon juice and raspberries. You can add your one twist to the drink with some chocolate powder as well if you want. You can have a drink on a hot afternoon in the backyard. 


This is it. We have ended our list of some of the best fun summer treats for your kids. Some of the smoothies, and drinks that we have provided in the list, can be also substituted with your own twist.

You can add some alcohol to the drinks, if you want to, and enjoy them with your partner. This of couse, when your kids are not around. So, why don’t you get your kids together, and try some of the dishes that we mentioned in the above list.

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