Unpacking The Classical Argument For Gun Control In Contemporary Society

Gun control has grown to be one of the most controversial topics in recent years, especially in the united states, that have made it an entirely political matter. It is estimated that there are about 393,347,000 guns in the united states, which is approximately 120.5 guns per 100 persons, the highest number recorded worldwide (Mauser & Gary). The citizens of the United States have gained this culture majorly from the second amendment, which states that “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” This paper will discuss the gun control act as per the second amendment, arguments for (concession), and fights against (refutation). If you need to travel to Africa, visit Reisen Safari Kenya.

Gun control law as per the second amendment has caused more controversy as the interpretation of the law is concerned in the courts of law. The courts had tried to interpret the meaning of a well-regulated militia’ as stated in the law for over centuries since it was ratified on December 15, 1791, without coming to a real conclusion until the 21st century when it was interpreted in depth according to the case that the Supreme Court ruled in 2008 that is the District of Columbia v Heller (2008). The interpretation was later disputed in the McDonald v Chicago (2010) case that established that the performance by the Supreme Court sets a ground for the law to be used against the state, federal statutes, and local gun control laws (Krouse & William). If you need a similar paper visit Term Paper.


Gun control laws are necessary and have been supported by most citizens in the United States due to the recent growing occurrences of mass killing, murder, and a rise in the crime rate. It is argued that these killings have been aided by the fact that almost every American can have or bear guns (Mauser & Gary). Many lives have been lost due to this killing in public and private places, which brings rise to a higher mortality rate via gunshots than even road accidents, and this is becoming a problem regarding the safety of American citizens. Increasing gun control laws will help keep people safe and reduce crime rates and gun violence by a higher percentage. The strive to increase gun control laws has faced much opposition from congresses, the senate, and gun-related groups and associations such National Refiles Association (NRA), majorly due to politics (Mauser & Gary).


The second amendment was ratified to keep the citizens of the united states safe by empowering them to defend themselves properly whenever they face the danger of attack by criminals. With the current growing crime rate in the United States, gun control laws should not be increased as they will expose citizens to crimes and murders without a proper mode of defense. The culture of Americans possessing guns came from past colonial rule, primarily used for hunting and self-protection and later used in the American Revolutionary War (Dowd & Donald). The law required every household in America to possess at least one gun and was mandatory for every head of the household to carry guns, even to church and various ceremonies and meetings, and for every able-bodied man to join the militia. The second amendment is argued to protect gun owners’ rights, which helps prevent crimes rather than enhance crimes.

The gun control laws are facing significant opposition from congress and the senate due to political reasons. Major groups and associations have even gone to a greater length of funding the anti-gun laws. Some of these groups were established due to increased gun violence against women and the disabled. Additionally, some of these groups deal in the gun business as they sell guns locally and across borders. They are bound to protect their businesses and thus will always support the second amendment (Dowd & Donald).


The increased crime rates and criminal groups have made it difficult for the country to increase gun control laws. It is feared that the crime rate will escalate exceptionally, with the public being highly susceptible to crimes. On the other hand, the second amendment protects the rights of every gun holder irrespective of whether the individual is a criminal or not unless proven by a court of law. This poses a great threat to the security officers who are supposed to help curb the crime rates, as they are also in danger of getting hurt or losing their lives. Based on the statistics of crimes and deaths that have occurred, therefore, to establish more gun control laws to help curb these crimes.

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