Top Tips for Personalizing Your Paint by Number Experience

Painting by numbers is a cherished pastime that has stood the test of time. While the concept itself is straightforward—filling in numbered sections with their corresponding colors—there’s a world of creativity and personalization that you can bring to this activity. Whether you’re an experienced artist looking to add a personal flair or a beginner eager to make your painting truly unique, these tips will help you elevate your paint by numbers custom experience.

Why Personalize Your Paint by Number?

Before we dive into the tips, let’s take a moment to understand why personalizing your paint by number experience is worth the effort.

  1. Express Individuality: Personalizing your painting allows you to infuse your own style and personality into the artwork.
  1. Boost Creativity: It encourages you to think outside the box and enhances your creative skills.
  1. Increase Emotional Connection: A personalized painting often holds more sentimental value, making it a cherished keepsake or a meaningful gift.
  1. Enhance Learning: For beginners, adding personal touches can be an engaging way to learn more about color theory, blending, and artistic techniques.

Now, let’s explore some practical tips for personalizing your paint by number experience.

  1. Choose a Meaningful Subject

Selecting a paint by number kit that resonates with you is the first step towards personalization. Here are a few ideas:

  • Custom Kits: Some companies offer the option to create custom paint by number kits from your own photographs. Choose a favorite memory, a beloved pet, or a scenic view that means something special to you.
  • Themes You Love: Whether it’s landscapes, abstract art, wildlife, or portraits, pick a theme that you are passionate about. This will make the painting process more enjoyable and meaningful.
  1. Customize Your Color Palette

While paint by number kits come with pre-selected colors, you don’t have to stick to them rigidly. Here’s how you can customize your palette:

  • Add Personal Favorites: Swap out a few colors with shades you love. For example, if the kit comes with a standard blue but you prefer teal, feel free to make the change.
  • Experiment with Shades and Tints: Mix the provided colors to create new shades and tints. This can add depth and dimension to your painting.
  • Incorporate Metallics and Glitter: Adding metallic or glitter paints can give your painting a unique texture and sparkle.
  1. Play with Brush Techniques

The way you apply the paint can significantly alter the final look of your artwork. Experiment with different brush techniques to add variety and interest:

  • Dry Brushing: This technique involves using a brush with very little paint to create a textured, feathered effect. It’s great for adding highlights or creating a rustic look.
  • Sponge Painting: Use a sponge instead of a brush to apply paint. This can create interesting textures, especially for backgrounds.
  • Layering and Blending: Don’t be afraid to layer colors or blend them directly on the canvas. This can create a more natural and cohesive look.
  1. Add Personal Touches

Incorporating elements that are meaningful to you can make your painting truly one-of-a-kind:

  • Hidden Messages: Paint a small, hidden message or date somewhere in the painting. It could be a personal motto, a special date, or initials.
  • Mixed Media Elements: Combine paint with other materials like fabric, beads, or even pressed flowers for a mixed media masterpiece.
  • Freehand Additions: Feel free to add extra elements that aren’t in the original design. This could be additional flowers, stars, or any other motifs that resonate with you.
  1. Modify the Composition

You don’t have to follow the composition exactly as outlined in the kit. Here’s how you can modify it:

  • Crop the Image: If you feel the composition is too busy or you want to focus on a particular element, consider cropping parts of the image.
  • Change the Background: The background sets the mood of the painting. If the provided background doesn’t suit your taste, create your own.
  • Rearrange Elements: Feel free to rearrange some elements in the painting to better suit your vision.
  1. Create a Unique Display

How you choose to display your finished artwork can also add a personal touch:

  • Custom Frames: Select a frame that complements your painting and your home decor. You can even paint the frame to match or contrast with your piece.
  • Mounting Options: Consider mounting your painting on a wood panel or canvas board for a different look.
  • Gallery Wall: Create a gallery wall with multiple paint by number pieces, mixing in other types of art for a cohesive yet eclectic display.
  1. Document Your Journey

Recording your painting process can add another layer of personalization. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Progress Photos: Take photos at different stages of your painting. This can be a fun way to see how your work evolves.
  • Video Timelapse: Create a timelapse video of your painting process to share on social media or keep as a personal memento.
  • Journal Entries: Keep a journal of your thoughts and feelings as you paint. This can add sentimental value to your completed artwork.
  1. Engage with the Community

Joining a community of fellow paint by number enthusiasts can provide inspiration and support:

  • Social Media Groups: Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have numerous groups and hashtags dedicated to paint by number art. Share your work and see what others are creating.
  • Workshops and Classes: Attend workshops or online classes to learn new techniques and get fresh ideas.
  • Collaborative Projects: Collaborate with friends or family members on a paint by number project. This can be a fun and rewarding experience.


Personalizing your paint by number experience is all about making the art your own. By choosing meaningful subjects, customizing your color palette, experimenting with brush techniques, and adding personal touches, you can transform a simple kit into a unique masterpiece that reflects your individual style.

Ready to take your paint by number experience to the next level? Book a call with one of our art consultants today. They can provide personalized tips and recommendations to help you refine your style and choose the perfect pieces for your next project. Happy painting!

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