Jun88  Guides Beginners How to Play Game From A – Z

Jun 88 is a truly successful betting brand in the current reward exchange market. The house offers a variety of attractive forms of entertainment that make the community of players so immersed that they do not want to leave. Among them, blackjack is an outstanding product in the card game category, bringing the unit a lucrative source of revenue. If you love this subject, please pocket some detailed instructions below.

Basic rules of playing blackjack at  Jun88 

Blackjack is played on a familiar set of 52 cards and is based on scoring rules to determine the winner. The specific rules will be summarized through a few main ideas below:

Membership regulations and how to deal cards

Every blackjack table at Jun88  Starts when there are 2 – 4 members participating. In addition to the player who acts as a representative and “banker”, other bettors will put a certain amount of money into the pot to start the game.

According to the rules, to keep the house position, a player must have an amount greater than or equal to the total bet of all participating members combined. Next, the Dealer randomly deals 2 cards to each hand. The remaining pieces are placed in the middle of the table and used for drawing in subsequent rounds.

Basic rules of playing blackjack at  Jun88 

How to calculate blackjack points at  Jun88  betting site

Depending on the score of the initial 2 cards, the player decides whether to draw more or not. According to the rules, the dealer has the last turn to draw cards. The way to calculate blackjack points is simple, specifically as follows:

  • The point value corresponds to the numbers printed on the card from 2 to 10.
  • Human figure cards J, Q, K according to the rules are counted as 10 points.
  • Ace is a special card that players need to keep in mind when participating in blackjack Jun88 . Accordingly, it has a flexible score of 1, 10 or 11 depending on each specific situation.
  • You add up the total score of the cards you hold to come up with a specific strategy and determine victory or loss.
  • 21 is the highest score that bettors need to aim for (not more).

Operating process of a blackjack game at  Jun88 

Understanding the rules is the basic foundation for you to start entering the field red black blackjack. When playing online, betting is operated in 2 stages:

Stage 1 – Calculate the point value of the initial 2 cards

At this stage, the player calculates the scores of the initial 2 cards to come up with a specific action. Blackjack bet Jun88  ends immediately in the following cases:

  • Poker: A situation where a lucky hand has 2 Aces.
  • A member appears who owns 1 Ace and 1 human card (J, Q, K) or 10.

Operational process of a blackjack game

Phase 2 – Additional draws increase the score

Picking more cards from undealt cards helps members increase their score. However, it also contains risks if unfortunately you exceed the 21 mark. Players are free to make decisions and can stop withdrawing when they have a safe score between 16 – 21.

In Jun88 , the blackjack order starts from the dealer’s right and operates clockwise. A game has a total of up to 3 rounds of drawing cards with the following specific rules:

  • If the dealer exercises the right to check the cards, you lose if the total is less than 16 (low card).
  • The bet fails if the card is drawn and the score exceeds 21 points (cracked).
  • Each remaining player will compare cards with the dealer Jun88 : Win money if your score is higher and lose your bet if it is lower. The result is a draw if both sides have equal points.

Some special cases in  Jun88  blackjack betting

To calculate the appropriate strategy for winning blackjack effectively, players need to master the following special cases:

  • Five Spirits: The hand wins absolutely when the total score of all 5 cards is less than 21. However, if both sides have Five Spirits, the rules for comparing points are applied as usual.
  • More than 21 points: If both sides have more than 21 points, the side with the lower value will win. However, the person who gets caught will win compared to the member who got the low card.

 Jun88  blackjack experience is always profitable

To win pocket rewards, players need to build a strategy to make appropriate decisions. Below are some good experiences that professional bettors regularly apply:

  • When you reach a total score of 18 – 21, you should stop drawing because this is a safe range where you can win and make money. Jun88  very high.
  • If another player has 2 cards, you draw more to increase your score.
  • If the total is from 16 – 17, the member will rely on the number of cards of the members to carefully calculate whether to draw more or not.

Good tips always win when playing blackjack

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