Instructions on How to Play Sunwin Sic Bo from Basic to Advanced

How to play Over/Under Sunwin How is it studied by many people? In fact, you must clearly understand the rules to confidently participate in select games at online bookies without violating the law. So the article below will provide information for you to refer to when needed.

Sunwin Sic Bo registration process

Sunwin is a game portal that has been operating for many years in the market with extremely attractive Sic Bo games. If new players want to register to experience online on electronic devices, please follow these instructions:

  • Step 1: You access the correct link to Sunwin’s website, on the interface press the “Register” button.
  • Step 2: Fill in your personal information to open an account including username, password and code captcha.
  • Step 3: Then scroll down and click the “Register” button right” Submit your request to the system, wait a moment for confirmation and you will receive a notification of successful account opening.
  • Step 4: Log in to Sunwin’s homepage, here you will see many different games to choose from.
  • Step 5: Click on Over/Under to enter your favorite online select game, immediately the interface opens to choose to place a bet. At this time, the screen displays different levels of money for you to refer to and take potential bets and then finalize your bet. The confirmation system proceeds to roll the dice and then opens the results to determine win or loss.
  • Step 6: If you choose the correct bet result, you will win and receive a bonus from the house immediately into your account.

How to play Sunwin Over/Under in many forms

How to play Over/Under Sunwin Diverse genres for players to experience. Therefore, before starting, you should take the time to research to make the right choice to help you increase your chances of winning:

Triple bet

With this method, you will place 3 dice and after shaking, they will reveal 3 identical numbers, for example 2-2-2. If you predict correctly, you will receive the entire bonus, but if you get just one wrong number, you will lose and lose your initial bet. Note that you will predict natural numbers ranging from 1-6 representing white dots located on the surface of the coin.

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Double bet

This method is also considered relatively easy to play when you need to predict the 2 numbers that appear on the 2 dice when drawing the prize. As long as 2 numbers are the same, you have won a prize from the house for this bet.

Bet on total

How to play Over/Under Sunwin This game requires you to predict the total score of the 3 dice after opening. You place the correct number and place your bet. After the result is announced, if it matches the one displayed on the screen, you will win and the house will immediately transfer it to your account. If you guess wrong, you will lose this game’s money and you can remove it next time.

select Over – Under

How to play Over/Under Sunwin This appears 2 options for you to bet on. The under bet means predicting that the sum of the faces of the 3 dice when opened ranges from 4 to 10. Over is the sum of the dice totals from 11-17. After you choose, wait for the system to randomly shake and draw the prize. If it matches the number you placed, you will get the full prize.

How to play Over/Under Sunwin always wins

If you want to increase efficiency in select games, you need to learn more secrets from experts. New players without much experience are welcome to refer How to play Sunwin Over/Under details below:

Find out the results history

One of the ways shared by many bettors is that you should learn about the history of previous bet results. This will be important data to help you research the pattern or frequency of each door. Then synthesize and make a wise decision to catch the right potential dooreat bonus.

Reasonable division of select capital

It is always necessary to divide select money to help you control your current financial situation. Each game, you should estimate how much to bet, always keep your account in a state of surplus money and be sure to make a profit when participating in the game. Avoid going all-in in just one game.

Discover tips from experts and the community

Learn good playing tips from experienced people, which will help you avoid mistakes and increase your winning rate. You should participate in sharing forums How to play Over/Under Sunwin win every victory to meet masters and hear more sharing.

Place a test bet to get acquainted

You should definitely apply the method of select many times to become proficient in playing Sic Bo. Gaining your own experience will help you play better every day and be more wise when choosing potential doors.

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Some notes when playing Sunwin Over/Under

After holding more How to play Sunwin Over/Under Then below you should pay attention to some issues. This helps bettors play more effectively and reduce bets minimal Unnecessary risks:

  • Choose the correct Sunwin official website to spread experience, be careful not to go to the wrong fake page, which can easily lead to dangerous scams.
  • Understand the common game rules at the house, there are no violations when experiencing.
  • Check your balance before select to consider placing appropriate capital for each Over/Under game.

Share with those who understand more about it How to play Over/Under Sunwin detail. Now when you want to open an account and experience select, just follow the instructions above. You can enjoy great entertainment time and great prize hunting opportunities from the house.

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