Instructions on How to Play Chess  From a – Z for Beginners

Instructions on how to play chess  is a keyword that is receiving a lot of attention today. Chess is an attractive intellectual fighting sport, becoming a revered symbol in the West. Today’s article from 789bet will help you understand how to play chess most accurately.

Where did chess originate?

The history of chess is much more mysterious and interesting than that of other subjects. According to many research experts, chess appeared in ancient form in India sometime before the 6th century and spread to Persia.

Sometime later, chess began to become more popular and was especially popular with Muslims. It wasn’t until the 19th century that people gradually improved the rules of the game, and modern chess appeared. The first world chess championship was held in 1886. Until now, this subject has occupied an important place in the hearts of fans.

Chess appeared as an ancient chess game in India

Important pieces in chess

To Instructions on how to play chess The most basic and quickest, 789BET will introduce to you the important chess pieces to remember in the betting table.


The pawn is often accidentally forgotten by many people on the chess board. The reason is probably because this piece is quite simple and relatively small in size in a chess set, and has the lowest strength in the early rounds, often being “given away” to make way for other pieces. Each player will have 5 pawns on the chess board.

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The Rook is shaped like a tower. This chess piece has great power and is often used at the end of the game. You should monitor it carefully  Instructions on how to play chess  to avoid mistaking this piece.


The Knight has many opportunities to create victory in the chess board. However, that is why this army is quite difficult to handle, difficult to predict and analyze. If you want to build a chess strategy that will make your opponent unable to react in time, just start with this piece.


The Bishop also has unparalleled strength near the end of the game. When liberated, all the pawns followed Instructions on how to play chess , the Bishop will have the opportunity to shine and bring you victory.

The Bishop reveals its strength at the end of the game

The Bishop reveals its strength at the end of the game


The Queen has a remarkable level of danger and flexibility on the chessboard. Losing the Queen means you are about to lose. Almost all players will choose to sacrifice other pieces to save the Queen.


The King is quite weak and needs to be protected throughout the board. If you accidentally lose this piece, you will be judged a loser no matter what the overall score is.

 Instructions on how to play chess  properly for beginners

Below are all the necessary steps to prepare and start a chess game properly.

Step 1: Build the chess board

The board is arranged so that each player has a white square in the bottom right-hand corner. The second row is the Pawn, the Rook defends the two corners, and the last is the King and Queen.

Step 2:  Instructions on how to play chess  by moving pieces

Each piece will have a different way of moving, but the general rule is to not go through another piece, or to enter a cell containing one’s own pieces.

  • King: The King has the weakest move, can only move in one square in all directions.
  • Rook: You can move through the Rook to any position as long as it is legal and follows the rules, the Rook can only move forward, backward and sideways.
  • Bishop: The Bishop is similar to the Rook, but is only allowed to move diagonally.
  • Knight: Knight has a very special way of moving, if you don’t keep track Instructions on how to play chess  it will definitely go wrong. The Knight must move two squares in the same direction, then turn back 90 degrees.
  • Pawn: The pawn can only move straight but capture diagonally. The first turn this piece will take 2 steps, in the following turns it can only move 1 step. When the pawn moves to the last row on the other side, it saves another piece.

 Instructions on how to play chess with moving pieces

 Instructions on how to play chess  with moving pieces

Step 3: Check your opponent to win

To win, you need to checkmate all of your opponent’s pieces. If the piece cannot free itself from check, the game ends. To help your piece get out of check, do the following:

  • Move to avoid projection.
  • Sacrifice another piece to block the checkmate’s path.

 Instructions on how to play chess  Details have been compiled by bookmaker 789BET in the article above. Hopefully this information can help you complete a perfect chess game. Don’t forget to follow us to update more ways to play other exciting sports!

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