How to Prepare for SBI Clerk Mains Exam 2023 in 6 Months?

SBI Clerk Main is the last and final round of the selection process. The section has 190 questions from four subjects accounting for 200 marks. Qualifying for the SBI Clerk Mains exam is very crucial for getting a selection for the exam. However, the difficulty level of the exam is very high and the candidates need to follow a six month preparation plan that helps them to maximise their marks in the SBI Clerk Mains exam. 

SBI Clerk Mains Exam Pattern

  • SBI Clerk is going to be held in online mode
  • There will be 190 questions from three subjects, English Language, Numerical Ability, General Knowledge and Reasoning
  • There is a negative marking of 0.25 marks for the wrong answers
Section No. of Question Total Marks Duration
General English 40 40 35 minutes
Quantitative Aptitude 50 50 45 minutes
Reasoning Ability and Computer Aptitude 50 60 45 minutes
General/Financial Awareness 50 50 35 minutes
Total 190 200 2 hours 40 minutes

6 Months Preparation Strategy for SBI Clerk 

It is anticipated that the SBI Clerk exam will be held in the upcoming six months. However, this duration is very less and one should always refer to a systematic approach and proper planning to prepare for the exam. In the section below, we have prescribed a thorough 6 months planning that will help to score 100+ marks in SBI Clerk Main

Months 1-2: Foundation Building

  • Begin by thoroughly understanding the entire SBI Clerk syllabus. Identify the key topics and subtopics that are part of each section asked in the exam and begin with the same
  • Collect a diverse range of study materials, including recommended textbooks, online resources, and mock test series. Ensure that you have access to comprehensive and up-to-date content for each subject.
  • Initiate your studies by delving into the fundamental concepts of quantitative aptitude, reasoning ability, and English language. This includes understanding mathematical operations, logical reasoning principles, and grammar rules.
  • Engage in daily practice sessions to solidify your grasp of the basics. Solve a variety of practice questions to apply the concepts you’ve learned. This regular practice will help you reinforce your understanding and improve accuracy.

Months 3-4: In-Depth Study

  • Allocate dedicated time to each subject, Quantitative aptitude, Reasoning ability, and English language. When allotting you should develop a thorough understanding of each topic
  • Within each subject, break down your study into specific topics. Practice solving problems related to each topic extensively. This approach will enable you to gain proficiency in solving a diverse range of questions
  • Take up full-length mock tests to know about the actual exam environment. This will help you acclimate to the time constraints and pressure of the exam. Focus on maintaining a balance between speed and accuracy
  • Work on time management strategies for each section. Practice solving questions within specific time limits, gradually improving your ability to allocate time efficiently.

Month 5: Intensive Practice

  • Utilise this month to revisit all subjects and topics, with an emphasis on your weaker areas. Focus on clarifying doubts and strengthening your understanding
  • Dedicate a significant portion of your time to taking mock tests. Keep an aim to complete a substantial number of mock tests to build your exam stamina and fine-tune your strategy
  • Solve previous years’ SBI Clerk question papers to become familiar with the exam’s pattern and types of questions. Analyse your performance to identify patterns and trends
  • Regularly analyse your mock test results and identify areas of improvement and focus on rectifying mistakes. Develop strategies to optimise your performance in each section

Month 6: Final Revision

  • Prioritise high-weightage topics and key formulas. Review important concepts, shortcuts, and techniques that can significantly impact your performance.
  • Engage in time-bound practice sessions to enhance your speed and accuracy. Refine your approach to solving questions under exam conditions.
  • For the General Awareness section, focus on current affairs, banking updates, and general knowledge. Stay updated with the latest developments through newspapers, magazines, and online sources.
  • Ensure you have a balanced diet, engage in regular physical activity, and get sufficient sleep to maintain optimal focus and energy levels. Maintaining a healthy study-life balance helps in better preparations
  • Approach the exam with a positive mindset. Trust in your preparation and believe in your abilities. Maintain confidence and manage stress through relaxation techniques and positive self-talk.


  1. Can we clear SBI Clerk in 6 months?

Ans. Yes, with a systematic preparation and consistent approach one can clear SBI Clerk in 6 months. 

  1. How to prepare for SBI Clerk 2023?

Ans. The candidates should use standard books and mock tests to prepare for SBI Clerk 2023. 

  1. How many months of preparation is required for SBI Clerk?

Ans. The candidates require atleast 6 months of preparation is required for SBI Clerk.

  1. How can I score 80 plus in SBI Clerk?

Ans. You can score 80 plus marks in the SBI Clerk exam by working on your weaknesses and strengths. 

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