How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Testing For Users

With the increasing prevalence of drug testing in numerous industries, it has become vital for individuals who use cannabis and cannabinoids to find effective methods to pass a hair follicle drug test. Unlike urine or saliva tests, hair follicle testing can detect drug use over a longer period, making it a challenging hurdle to overcome.

When it comes to drug testing, the hair follicle test stands tall as one of the most accurate and difficult to crack. But fear not! With the right know-how and techniques,  it is still possible to pass the test successfully.

In this article, we will explore the hair follicle drug test, the popular Macujo Method, and its limitations, and provide step-by-step instructions to increase your chances of passing the test. Let’s start with understanding what the hair follicle drug test is.

What Is The Hair Follicle Drug Test?

A hair follicle drug test is a method used to detect the presence of drugs or their metabolites in a person’s system. It involves taking a small sample of hair, typically from the scalp, and analyzing it for traces of drugs. This type of test can detect drug use over an extended period, usually up to 90 days, making it difficult for frequent users to pass.

Hair follicle drug testing is preferred due to its capability to detect prolonged drug exposure, making it valuable for assessing chronic drug use and understanding long-term patterns. It offers versatility and can be utilized in multiple industries.

Street Names For Cannabis and Cannabinoid

Popular street names for cannabis are based on the different locations, creative jargon, and slang. Below is a list of some common street names associated with cannabis and cannabinoids:

● Marijuana.
● Reefer.
● Pot.
● Ganja.
● Maryjane.
● Herb.
● Bud.
● Dope.

The Macujo Method and Its Limitation

The Macujo method is the most popular hair cleansing technique that has been discussed widely. This method aims to remove the drug traces, including cannabis and cannabinoid. It involves many layers in the process. This technique involves specific hair care products and chemicals.

The Macujo method gained popularity due to its success report in many cases, but this may not be good for addicted people. It means that if you regularly use high levels of cannabis, this may not be sufficient for you. The reason lies in the structure of the hair itself.

THC metabolites, the byproducts of cannabis use, bind to the hair shaft’s melanin, making it challenging to remove completely.  If your THC intake is higher, you might require a more intensive and targeted approach to pass the hair follicle drug test. Make sure you know your intake level, as it may help determine the most effective procedure.

Mike’s Macujo Method with Macujo Aloe Rid Shampoo

How do you detox hair follicles fast?

Looking to crack the challenges of moderate to high cannabis and cannabinoid use? Mike’s Macujo method— holds the key to your success of passing the hair follicle drug test. Combined with Macujo Aloe Rid Shampoo, this test method can lead to promising results.

Mike’s Macujo method builds upon the foundation of the original Macujo method, incorporating additional steps and specialized products. The Macujo Aloe Rid Shampoo possesses robust cleansing ingredients like propylene glycol, salicylic acid, and acetic acid. This makes it more effective in removing THC metabolites from the hair shaft by breaking down and dissolving the drug residues.

Macujo Method Step-By-Step Instructions

If you follow these steps, they can help you pass the hair follicle drug test. At the start, we have to understand what we need. So, here are the things that you have to gather before starting.

  • Rubber gloves.
  • Shower cap.
  • Shampoo with salicylic acid.
  • Banking soda.
  • Liquid laundry detergent.
  • Aloe Rid detox shampoo.

Note: Before starting the Macujo method, there are a few essential things to remember. Make sure you have all the items ready. It’s crucial to do the method numerous times right before your test. Be careful not to get the vinegar and shampoo in your eyes or on your face. Do the method once a day, or if the test is right around the corner, twice a day. Each attempt will take around one hour. Follow these simple steps to increase your chances of passing the drug test.  Let’s see what these steps are:

  1. First, you must wear gloves, and then wet your hair. Afterward, spray vinegar on your hair. Make sure you apply vinegar to the scalp and hair root.
  2. Without washing out the vinegar, apply the shampoo. Remember to work it in thoroughly.
  3. Use a tight rubber band and shower cap to wrap your hair close to the scalp. Leave it on for 40 to 45 minutes.
  4. After waiting for 45 minutes, take off the shower cap and wash your hair.
  5. Next, apply the aloe rid detox shampoo. Ensure that your shampoo covers your hair. Allow it to sit for 5 minutes, and then wash it out properly. Now repeat the same process once again.
  6. Once completely rinsed, put a little liquid detergent into the hair. Work it until your hair has a silky and smooth touch to it. Then rinse it out with plenty of water.

There you go. Make sure to use a fresh cloth to dry your hair. You don’t want cross-contamination here. In addition, you should avoid taking drugs afterward. There is no point in doing all this hard work if you’re gonna take drugs again.

Bottom Line

Passing the hair follicle drug test for cannabis and cannabinoid users is challenging. More than that, if you have a high level of THC in your system, you will face difficulty in passing the test. The original Macujo method gained popularity with the low level of THC. But this may not be suitable for high-level THC users.

In such cases, you can use an alternative approach called Mike’s Macujo Method. Note that no method is foolproof, and results may vary from person to person. It is always advisable to research and consider different strategies and to be aware of the legal and ethical implications of drug testing.

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