How To Manually Set-up At&t Internet?

When you order AT&T internet, they give you the option to opt out of professional installation and get a self-install kit instead. It is beneficial because you can save about 100 dollars, but it can be tricky. However, it is important that you have fiber internet compatibility at your home; otherwise, you will have to go for professional installation, but if you already have that, you can get a self-install kit and do the rest yourself.

Self-installation is not something to be afraid of; it is fairly simple and easy. Still, if the instructions manual seem complex to you, we are here to help. Here is a guide to how you can manually customize your AT&T internet connection.

First, observe your AT&T self-install kit; you will get an AT&T wireless gateway device along with Green and Red colored Ethernet cables for AT&T Internet and AT&T Fiber respectively, and Yellow and Gray cable for Ethernet and Phone respectively. Also, you will get a power cord and an instructions manual.

Now, let’s learn how to put it all together.

Self-Installation Instructions

Here is how you can self-install the AT&T connections.

AT&T Internet

  • First, connect your Gateway, and it is easy as the Gateway is color-coded, and the AT&T self-install kit also includes the color-coded cables. So it should not be difficult.
  • All you have to do is connect the green-colored cable into the green port of your Broadband and your wall socket (if you have a home phone, you will have to plug it into a twin port filter)
  • Next, connect the gray cable to the phone line ports and your phone. In the case of traditional phone service, connect the cable to your phone and the phone port to the dual port.Lastly, connect the power cord (black) into the power socket and the Gateway.

If you are interested in using a wired network, connect the yellow-colored Ethernet cable into the yellow port on your Gateway and your device.

After that, wait for approximately 10 minutes so that your Gateway can power up. After that, you will see solid green lights of the Broadband and service when it is all set and good to go. If this does not happen, view the guide manual.

For wireless network set-up, Open Wi-Fi connection settings on your computer, click your Wi-Fi connection name and put in your password (check your Gateway for both of these). After that, open your browser, and follow the given instructions for online registration.

Finally, customize your Smart Home app by booting it on your device and customizing the Wi-Fi credentials. Then, you can connect your devices with personalized settings.

AT&T Fiber

  • For fiber set-up, first, connect your AT&T fiber service box, also called Optical Network Terminal. It will connect you to the internet system of AT&T. You can mount it or place it anywhere you like.
  • Once that’s done, connect the green-colored fiber cable into the green port.
  • Next, connect the red ONT cable to the Ethernet port on the service box.
  • Finally, connect the black power cable to the service box and the wall socket and turn it ON. After that, wait for the power lights to turn green.
  • The next thing is to connect your Gateway, which is fairly simple as both the equipment package and Gateway has color coding for appropriate connections.
  • All you have to do is to plug the red ONT cable into the ONT Gateway port and connect the Gateway to the wall socket via the power cord.

If you want to use a wired connection, connect your Gateway and computer via the yellow cable by plugging it into the yellow port. For home phone service, connect the gray phone cable.

After that, wait for approximately 10 minutes so that your Gateway can power up. You will see solid green lights of the Broadband and service when everything is set and good to go. If that is not the case, view the guide manual.

Next, customize your wireless network. For that, open the Wi-Fi connection settings on your computer. Next, put in the wireless network credentials (check your Gateway for both of these). After that, open the web and see the given instructions for online registration.

Finally, install the Smart Home app, start it, and customize the credentials. After that, you can connect your smart devices to your home connection and personalize your settings.


Although AT&T professional installation is easy, even if you just know the basics of internet connection set-up, you can easily do it yourself. You simply have to follow the instructions, and everything will go smoothly. If, at any point, something happens or there are no green lights or no lights at all, contact AT&T customer service and they will walk you through the process of fixing the problem.

It can not only save you 100 bucks, but you will also get familiar with the set-up in case you wish to relocate your home or router in the future.

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