Bison Triumph: Buffalo Secures an Epic Game Victory

mobile slot games The most advanced at the moment, PG Slot brings you to meet with Buffalo Win slot game, the most aggressive jackpot right now. Give away a jackpot of 3 million baht

Adventure with the Bull King At Rongshan Mountain and PG Gaming

The story of the PG Slot game, Bull slot We will take you to get acquainted with Wild Bull, Rong Shan Mountain, and friends, all the beasts. To come to protect the forest and exterminate the venomous snakes of Rong Shan Mountain. to bring peace to the forest After going through a strong storm before

Buffalo Win will make you scream. Because we will introduce you to online slot games. New games that give away heavily, give away for real, give away like a fierce bull Give yourself a chance to win millions by spinning endless slots with Infinity Reels and an ever-growing prize multiplier feature.

PG Gaming Cow Slot This game is a vertical slot game. That comes in the form of a 4-row, 3-reel slot and how you will get rewards from this game, you just spin the slot for the symbol instead of the prize money. Placed in a row in a row from 3 or more only get the prize money. (But while playing, if you spin to win prizes The reels will continue to expand. until all the symbols of the game’s prizes come up or not increasing more than this)

symbol of award of cow slot games

Before we start spinning the Buffalo Win PG slot, let’s get to know the winning symbols of this game first. The symbols of this slot game are based on the story of the forest. So you can see bulls, eagles, horses, wolves and lions.

Which, of course, symbols that you would like to see the most. must be a fierce bull That will increase your prize money continuously because it is a Wild symbol that if you find more It will affect the increase of the slot reel. And the number of multipliers of the prize money keeps increasing. without end

But besides the Wild symbol, there are other symbols. that we would like you to get to know as well, that is

Free Spins This symbol is something that many people want. Because when you collect 3 free spins, you will be able to enter the free game to collect up to 10 prizes. In this special game, every spin round whether you win the prize or not will be multiplied by higher prize money according to rounds

And if any round gets a prize The number of multiples of the prize money will be even more accordingly

As for the free spins from PG’s Cow Buffalo Win slot, if you feel like trying to spin a slot. To find special symbols can be difficult and a bit time consuming. We have a special shortcut. That will help you get the jackpot easier than before by buying free spins PG Slot

Buying Free Spins On the game page where you can purchase free spins, It is not considered cheating at all and for how to buy free spins. From this Buffalo Win slot game, it’s easy. Because on the slot page directly under the slot table There will be a button for you to press to buy Free Spins, which you can buy. using a total of 75 times the stake Many people may think that a lot But when compared to the amount of jackpots that you can get from this PG slot game, it’s definitely worth it.

The specialty of Buffalo Win that impresses many people.

That is, if you find a wild animal symbol, it is a long type, that is, occupying an area of 2 or more rows and if that symbol is placed next to each other until the number will be awarded. It will expand itself, for example, from 3 rows you may get 4 or more rows of symbols. And if placed next to many reels, it means that you will get a huge increase in the rewards of this slot game.

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