World Cup Where Will It Be Held In 2022 & Interesting Things That Few People Know

World Cup Where will 2022 be held and what the competition rules will be are still hotly discussed topics on Hi88. Few people know that this is the first timeWorld Cup held in the Middle East. To better understand the season and hot information on the threshold of the tournament, please follow the following content.

TroubleshootingWorld Cup Where will it be held in 2022?

Every periodWorld Cup takes place, attracting special attention from the fan community about the participating teams. Besides, the competition location, competition rules, weather conditions and related factors also make many people curious. SoWorld Cup Where will it be held in 2022?

Accordingly, it seems that many people are surprised that Qatar has won the right to host the 2022 World Cup season. This country is located in the Middle East with a modest area of ​​only 11,000 square kilometers. More specifically, all stadiums where matches will take place are within a 60km radius.

Thing Interesting topic aroundWorld Cup Where will it be held in 2022?

It can be said that Qatar is one of the smallest countries in the world. However, in the 2022 season, this country had the honor of surpassing the United States, South Korea and Japan to win the right to host the World Cup. Although there are many disadvantages in terms of area and geography, the host country has extremely effective strategies.

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The scale and modernity of the host country’s stadium

Last season, Qatar spent billions of dollars to make the 2022 World Cup the most successful tournament. The stadiums were built quickly but are very modern and comfortable. All stadiums have high-capacity air conditioning systems to help players always feel cool and comfortable when competing.

Besides, the designs of the stadiums are special images that help honor the cultural beauty and historical values ​​of Qatar. All 8 stadiums where the match took place met environmental criteria as well as sustainability when used.

More specifically, these stadiums are all connected by a modern subway and tram system. Thereby helping to ensure that audiences can enjoy many of their favorite matches in the most convenient way.

World Cup Where and when will it be held in 2022?

As everyone knows, World Cup The last season was held in Qatar from November 21, 2022 to December 18, 2022. It is winter in Qatar right now, so the players participating in the competition as well as the audience will not have to worry much about the weather. This is also an unprecedented precedent for the tournamentWorld Cup Previous seasons were all held in the summer.

Venue of the final matchWorld Cup 2022

8 stadiums where the event takes placeWorld Cup 2022 belongs to the 5 most modern cities of the world’s smallest Muslim country. The final was successfully held at the Lusail Iconic Stadium. This is a new stadium built to serveWorld Cup 2022 with a capacity of up to 80 thousand people.

World Cup Where will it be held in 2022 and regulations for spectators?

Perhaps few host countries recommend that tourists and spectators coming to watch World should dress appropriately like Qatar. Women in particular are not allowed to wear shorts and off-the-shoulder shirts in public. Also, fans come to watchWorld Cup In Qatar, there are also a number of other strict principles that must be followed such as:

  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages on the street or in public places. Violations may result in administrative sanctions or more serious imprisonment of up to 6 months.
  • Fans coming to watch matches must register for a cardHey. This is a personal pass that allows you to enter and use public transport into the stadium for free.

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