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Privacy Policy Jun88 Committed to optimizing player rights, protecting personal information and preventing unauthorized collection by any third party. This is the foundation for the reputation of the house, committed to complying with strict security regulations. Let’s explore the terms and regulations contained in this policy Jun88 right here.

 Privacy Policy Jun88 What is the purpose?

The provisions in cThe house’s privacy policy is aimed at the following purposes:

  • Information protection: Jun88 Take strict measures to protect players’ personal information. The data includes name, phone number, email, bank,…
  • Transaction safety: Strict security methods are applied to ensure the safety of transaction information, including players’ deposit and withdrawal information.
  • Access security: To protect access to the website and services, Privacy Policy Jun88 Use encryption and login authentication measures.
  • Fraud prevention: The house applies fraud detection and handling technologies to protect players and game operations.
  • Protect children: Jun88 Comply with player age limits and require accurate age verification to prevent participation by children under the specified age.

Policy for collecting member personal data

Privacy Policy Jun88 always uphold responsibility in collecting and protecting members’ personal information. These terms ensure that all personal data is collected accurately, used solely for the specified purpose.

Responsibility of the game portal

DealerCommitted to creating a safe and secure select environment for members. We always aim to improve service quality and build a civilized entertainment community. Privacy Policy Jun88 Apply advanced measures such as 128-bit encryption system and firewall to prevent any unauthorized intrusion. In addition, the house also strictly checks and manages accounts, ensuring the highest level of security is maintained for all bettors.

Player responsibility

Privacy Policy Jun88 We do not accept any form of impersonation or providing false information about age to register an account. Players need to provide personal information and prove their age accurately.

For account use, each player needs to use only one select account. Impersonating or allowing others to use your account may result in your account being disabled and your account funds frozen. To ensure the safety of personal and account information, players should not share their account information with anyone to avoid the risk of fraud or unauthorized use.

Information security policy

 Privacy Policy Jun88 Actively use advanced technology toProtect the safety of customers’ personal information. This effectively prevents any intrusion or unauthorized access from the outside.

Data encrypt

DealerEnsure customer information security by applying SSL encryption protocol and 128-bit key. Thereby, protecting personal data during transmission between the player’s browser and the server Jun88, preventing any information theft.

Firewall system

Privacy Policy Jun88 Also applies multi-layer firewall system. Thereby, hackers will have to give up when they want to illegally enter and destroy the plot to steal user data.

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Policy on use and sharing of information

Privacy terms Jun88 commits not to share players’ personal data with any third parties. Exceptions only occur when the player specifically requests a product or service from the dealer or in the following cases:

  • When it is necessary to share information to prevent, investigate or respond to illegal acts, violations of the game portal’s terms of use or as required by law.
  • If Jun88 Merging with another company, players’ personal information will be shared and members will be notified before personal information is transferred.

In addition, our privacy policy also allows you to request deactivation or closure of your personal account at any time.

Time Jun88 How long is player information stored?

Privacy Policy Jun88 regulates unlimited storage time for customer data, depending on the purpose of use. For some activities such as processing payment transactions or resolving complaints, data may be kept for a short period of time. Meanwhile, for market research or fraud prevention purposes, data can be stored longer. Jun88 also provides players with the right to access, correct or request deletion of their personal data.


To best ensure data security, Privacy Policy Jun88 is the core part. With the regulations and terms, members will also know what their responsibilities and obligations are when participating. From there, a fair, civilized and green entertainment environment can be built.

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