Top 5 Video Streaming Services of 2023

With rapidly increasing technology advancements consumers in every sector are provided with alternate options with more specs. The industry previously dominant with Netflix is now home to several other streaming services, like Hulu, JioCinema, Disney, and others.

As per the statistics, 60% of US households have at least four streaming services. This shows the increasing demand for streaming services in the modern time.

JioCinema is an Indian OTT streaming platform, that is free of cost and requires no subscription hassle. However, it is also a geo-restricted platform and you need a hack to unblock JioCinema from anywhere.

Each service has a unique selling point which differs from other services. Each service is curated for its target audience. Streaming services are generally subject to geographical restrictions which prohibit their use outside the home country.

So here we bring you the top 5 video streaming services of 2023 we tested with certain criteria. These parameters include the pricing, catalog, genre, app design, and more. So, let’s dive down and get to know about each streaming service in a bit more detail.


HBO Max which is now rebranded as Max after its merger with Discovery Plus. Max’s exclusive content library has a wide collection of content including blockbuster movies, cartoons, and a great variety of TV shows.

Max’s well-designed user-friendly app has different packages and one of the ad-free packages offers offline downloads and 4K streaming. Max is an affordable platform that makes it the perfect fit to watch Max originals.

The Max app also offers user profile features along with a parental control feature to filter the content for kids. However, bear in mind Max is subject to geographical restrictions which would require a credible VPN such as ExpressVPN to unblock it outside the US.

Among the many originals released by Max, some of the best ones include Clone High Revival; and Looney Tunes Cartoons. You can watch all this with a subscription starting from $9.99 per month allowing four concurrent streams.

Hulu TV:

Hulu was launched in 2007 marking its presence in the streaming world with extremely entertaining content. The streaming service provides access to both on-demand streaming and live TV. Hulu offers a wide range of more than 65 channels with the facility of parental control.

The service starts from the base price of $7.99 and goes up with added features. The streaming channel gives an option for ad-free service which comes at a higher price. You can stream at a maximum of 2 screens and can make up to 6 profiles.

Here are some of Hulu’s outstanding original releases including Little Fires Everywhere, Marvel’s Runaways, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Act, Harlots, Helstrom, High Fidelity, and Veronica Mars. Ramy and Castle Rock.


Netflix is hands down the best streaming platform available right now. It is the pioneer of the streaming industry with a large collection of movies, TV shows, and documentaries. Not to forget, it has a great variety of top-notch originals which makes it the best despite its high cost.

Netflix allows offline downloads on mobile along with free-of-cost mobile games. Furthermore, high-quality streaming enhances the user experience. Netflix displays its content based on its region, so not all the movies or shows that are available on Netflix would be accessible to you.

This can be solved using a VPN connection; however, Netflix tries its best to block VPNs. So you must use a premium VPN service such as ExpressVPN to effectively remove any geographical restrictions. So, get Netflix, share it with your friends, and have virtual movie nights every weekend.

Amazon Prime:

Amazon Prime has a good selection of movies and TV shows that are available to stream. The collection is not exhaustive and continues to expand with more high-quality original material added to the list.

In addition, the subscribers have the choice to watch 4K movies and download content to watch while they are offline. Furthermore, Amazon has a vast collection that may be rented or bought. You can also get other platform add-ons with a free 7-day trial through Amazon Channel offers.

The platform offers free trial services which helps you trial and test its features without paying any cost. The platform also supports offline downloads and audio descriptions. The base price of the service is $8.99 per month which would let you stream concurrently on 3 devices.

Disney Plus:

Disney+ is the way to go if you or your children enjoy Disney classics, Star Wars movies, Marvel films, or Pixar animations. The platform comes at a base price of $7.99 per month giving you access to incredible animated movies for your kids and yourself.

You can stream Disney Plus on a variety of devices with no compatibility issues. You can watch your favorite movies on Android smartphones, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Samsung Smart TV, and others.

To help you decide what to watch, we have noted some of the best shows and movies available on Disney to make your weekend fun. These include Avatar. Aladdin, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, and Fantasia.


So here we conclude our discussion about the top streaming services. These streaming services have helped people stay in contact with quality time as it allows them to have a fun time watching a movie together. Also find out about leased internet line and how it can impact the streaming.

Since the pandemic, going to cinemas and theatres is old school. Get the best streaming subscription and watch your favorite shows and movies on your device at any suitable time. This time independence and free will to watch any classic movie gave the streaming platform much popularity.

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