Tips And Tricks To Win Online Game In India

Plinko is an online games based on a widely popular game. Plinko aims to place balls at the top of the playing field, and they will drop to several winning spots at the bottom of the playing field. Blockers will knock the balls down, and once they land in the winning spot at the bottom, a prize will be given out. Plinko India is a game that is unique in its kind. Here the rules are as simple as possible. At the moment the game is available in two modes: manual and automatic. The result of the matches is completely random. However, despite this, there are still tricks and individual strategies Plinko, which can help in getting big wins and earnings. 

How to Play Plinko?

In order to start playing Plinko, you need to follow certain steps that will allow you to quickly get your bearings in the game. The game is available on the websites of many bookmakers in India, the decision of where to play is up to you. The required actions, among others after logging into an account on a betting platform’s website or app, include the following among others:

  1. Select your betting level and press BET to start playing;
  2. Every time you press BET, a new ball drops from the top and moves to the prizes below;
  3. Each spot at the bottom contains a win value, and if the ball hits that spot, that value is applied to your bet as a win;
  4. At any time during the game, you can increase or decrease the number of active rows 8-16 to add additional prize spaces;
  5. At any time during the game you can change the risk (low/medium/high), which will increase or decrease certain multipliers at the bottom of the pyramid.

How to Win Plinko Every Time?

Despite the fact that there are many winning strategies, each player gradually develops his own in the process of playing. In addition, there are tips that will help on the way to big wins. They are easier to apply, and the results will please you. To do this, it is enough to carefully understand them and choose the best option for yourself. These include the following of them:

Decide on your bankroll To save money, time and excitement levels, try to decide in advance how much you will play for. Depending on your decision, make a deposit, claim your Plinko bonus and decide how much you want to bet for the period of time you want to play at Plinko.
Betting at Plinko To start playing, you need to determine your amount of money. Watch how other users are playing. Watch the results and successes of other players. In particular, those who officially publish their winning strategies and schemes. You can take this information as a basis and try it out in your own game. Or you can start by trying it out in a demo version.
Improve your skills in the demo version Plinko demo is your chance to test any strategy or tip trick. After all, you won’t have to spend any personal money here. Try out everything you’ve learnt with virtual money, without any risks. Practice in the demo version of the game.

The Best Strategy for Playing Plinko

Among the many options, you should come to the one that suits you. This happens already with experience. The more you play, the more experienced you become. Develop a strategy that will help you win and earn. If all of the above tips and tricks for playing Plinko seem simple or unnecessary to you, you can turn to the heavier schemes. These are the strategies whose rules you need to learn completely, without gaps. You can learn more about each of the options here. Some of the popular actions to work out your strategy include the following ones.

Play with high risk

Try to make small bets, but only on the lines of red color, where the highest odds are. There is a risk of hitting a zero multiplier, but in the format of subsequent big payouts you will be able to immediately recoup the entire amount spent. In Plinko, you can use high-risk tactics

Play with the maximum number of rows

Try to run the ball at once in all rows, alternating them in a certain sequence or completely randomly. This will keep the amount on the balance, losing and earning in roughly the same multiplier range.

Play with a minimum number of rows and risk level

In the format of this strategy, use the minimum bet size and bet only on the green line, with the lowest odds. This is the strategy that guarantees you almost complete success as it reveals the minimum number of possible losses.

Mix and Match Strategies

This strategy is a small combination of all the strategies presented earlier. Try to alternate strategies between each other, including changing bet sizes and the lines you bet on. In this case, you increase the chance of developing a personalized strategy that suits you. For example, you can place the maximum bet on the green line or the minimum bet on the red line.

Combine all possible tactics to win at Plinko.

Martingale Strategy

In this case, it’s simple: increase your bets until you get a big win. Here it does not matter on which line you will bet. The focus should be solely on the amount you will use to play.

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