How to Style Double Cross Necklaces with Casual Outfits

Double cross necklaces have become a popular fashion accessory known for their symbolic significance and stylish appeal. These versatile pieces can be effortlessly incorporated into casual outfits, adding a touch of elegance and meaning to everyday wear. This article explores various ways to style double cross necklaces with casual outfits, offering tips and inspiration for creating chic and cohesive looks.

Understanding Double Cross Necklaces

Symbolism and Significance

Cross necklaces have long been associated with religious and spiritual symbolism. The double cross design adds an extra layer of meaning, often representing faith, protection, and duality. Beyond their symbolic significance, double cross necklaces have become a fashion statement worn by individuals of all backgrounds for their aesthetic appeal.

Design Variations

Double cross necklaces come in various designs, from simple and minimalist to ornate and detailed. They can feature different materials, such as gold, silver, and stainless steel, and may be adorned with gemstones or engravings. Understanding the design variations allows for more creative and personalised styling options at Evry Jewels.

Styling Tips for Casual Outfits

Layering with Other Necklaces

One of the most popular ways to style double cross necklaces is by layering them with other necklaces. Layering adds depth and dimension to your look, creating a trendy and effortlessly chic appearance. When layering, consider mixing different lengths, textures, and pendant styles. For a casual outfit, pair your double cross necklace with shorter chains or chokers for a balanced and cohesive look.

Pairing with Basic Tops

Double cross necklaces can elevate even the simplest of outfits. Pairing them with basic tops, such as t-shirts, tank tops, or casual blouses, adds a touch of sophistication and elegance. Opt for neutral colors or solid patterns to let the necklace stand out as the focal point. This styling approach is perfect for everyday wear, offering a stylish and comfortable look.

Combining with Denim

Denim is a staple in casual fashion, and double cross necklaces complement it beautifully. Whether you’re wearing jeans, a denim jacket, or a denim skirt, adding a double cross necklace enhances the overall outfit. For a relaxed and casual look, pair a simple double cross necklace with a denim shirt and jeans. For a more polished appearance, opt for a statement double cross necklace with a denim dress or jumpsuit.

Creating Different Styles with Double Cross Necklaces

Boho Chic

Double cross necklaces can be styled to achieve a boho chic look. Boho fashion is characterized by relaxed, free-spirited, and eclectic elements. To create this style, layer your double cross necklace with beaded or leather necklaces. Pair it with flowy tops, maxi skirts, or wide-legged pants. Add other boho accessories, such as hats, bracelets, and fringed bags, to complete the look.

Edgy and Urban

For an edgy and urban style, opt for double cross necklaces with bold and unique designs. Pair them with leather jackets, graphic tees, and distressed jeans. Incorporate other edgy accessories, such as studded belts, combat boots, and statement rings. This styling approach adds a rebellious and contemporary touch to your casual outfits.

Classic and Timeless

Double cross necklaces can also be styled to create a classic and timeless look. Choose designs that feature clean lines and minimalistic details. Pair them with tailored blazers, crisp button-down shirts, and classic jeans. Add a pair of loafers or ballet flats to complete the ensemble. This styling approach is perfect for a polished and sophisticated casual outfit.


Styling double cross necklaces with casual outfits offers endless possibilities for creating chic and personalized looks. Whether you prefer a boho chic, edgy, or classic style, double cross necklaces add a touch of elegance and meaning to your everyday wear. By experimenting with layering, pairing with basic tops, and combining with denim, you can effortlessly incorporate double cross necklaces into your casual wardrobe. Embrace the versatility and symbolism of double cross necklaces, and elevate your casual outfits with this timeless and stylish accessory.

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