How to Catch Falling Lottery – 3 Methods of Guessing NumbersThe most effective

How to catch falling lotteries Bringing lottery players quality numbers through each payout period. Depending on experience and the situation of the lottery numbers, players apply their own methods to predict the corresponding lottery numbers. Specifically, what are the ways to guess that number, how to use it, how to predict the lottery, let’s find out with New88 ac right below.

Benefits of catching falling lotteries

The numbers in the drawing have their own rules or regulations. Each dynamic cycle creates lucky numbers that players can use prediction methods to find. Tracking and reviewing the probability of winning each lot number helps make select decisions for the next turn more effectively.

There are many different ways to catch falling lotteries, but basically, lottery players rely on data about: Numbers that have appeared, numbers from previous days, sets of numbers… If you take the lottery prediction process seriously, you will definitely Surely you will have yourself a super profitable spin:

  • Find a number with a high winning rate, bringing a higher profit value than choosing a large bet at random.
  • Catch falling lotteries every day, improve number selection skills, quickly recognize changes in demand to proactively apply reasonable and accurate number selection.
  • Ensuring the safety and efficiency of the capital spent on each lottery draw.

Summary of the most effective way to catch falling lotteries today

If you still don’t know how to choose the optimal lottery number for yourself, don’t miss the following instructions from New88. We will reveal to you the most accurate, quick and easy-to-apply ways to catch falling lots for your prize draw.

Catch falling lottery numbers over a period of 3 consecutive days

To be able to apply this method of catching falling lottery numbers, you need to spend time tracking today’s lottery results and previous prize periods. If a lottery number has appeared continuously for 2 days, there is a high possibility that it will continue to fall in the next cycle (third period). The lottery player takes the number with a stable margin of appearance to create a bet ticket to participate in the drawing to redeem prizes.

Choose the lot that falls through the total number

One of the most popular methods of predicting lottery numbers is to bet on falling numbers according to the total number. Tips for choosing numbers based on the general formula: add up the numbers from the previous day’s special prize and then raise the lot for 3 days.

The principle of this method is that you must comply with the set 3 frame cycle. If the time limit is high, there is a high possibility that it is a silent lottery that has not yet reached the bonus period, end the select round, choose a new lottery number.
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How to catch falling lotteries with silver coins

Catching lottery numbers according to silver memory is the method of “getting rich” for many lottery bettors. The rule of falling numbers repeating in many reward periods has been discovered to serve as a premise for you to choose. Some common memory pairs that you should refer to and remember are as follows:

  • 89 goes with 78.
  • Bridge 53 appears with 67.
  • The number 96 often comes back with 24.
  • Lot 14 returned with 81.
  • If there are 36, then prioritize 47.
  • If 65 falls, bet on number 56.
  • 02 often comes with 21 and 34.
  • Number 76 is accompanied by 90.

Catch the falling lottery numbers by touching the lottery total

The white lotto is likened to the “god of wealth” of the lotto. How to catch lucky lottery numbers simply by touching the total number. You just need to count the numbers that haven’t appeared in a week or a month and choose them to play. The chance of the lot falling in the 5-day number farming cycle is extremely high, double the reward value compared to normal.

Things to know in the process of catching a falling lottery ball

Lottery prediction methods will give players more profit opportunities when participating in prize draws. At the same time, during the application process, you also need to pay attention to some additional conditions that need to be followed to optimize select efficiency.

Take the time to synthesize and research the lottery table

Results in 1 week or 1 month are considered the basic premise to determine the batch cycle. That’s why players need to be really serious and spend time doing statistics and research to find the most optimal number of lots.

Summarizing the bonus periods also helps you find the rules of falling numbers more easily. From there, apply the appropriate way to catch falling lots, determine potential lots to win prize money from the payout table.

Balance the amount

Please balance the investment amount for each lot number during the select process. Prioritize recovery of capital and profit from methods of catching falling lots to continue placing profitable numbers. This principle will help you be confident with every select decision, playing the lottery without fear of losing capital.

Application of tool to calculate the probability of falling lots automatically

Currently, there are many probability tools to help bettors play the lottery accurately, calculating without errors. However, when using, you need to pay attention to review and select according to the results table to decide the most accurate number.


Hopefully there are ways to catch falling lotteries New88 Sharing you can easily apply to have your own winning spin. Consider and evaluate each case where numbers appear, be flexible in prediction, and optimize every game of prize exchange.

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