Charity OKVip – Humane activities of the corporation

Charity OKVip is one of the civilized activities that brings warmth to the Vietnamese community. With countless trips to remote areas to support difficult families, the group’s humanity has left a deep impression in everyone’s hearts. If you want to understand more about the program, please see the following article. Click here:

Overview of OKVip group

OKVIP known as one of the largest entertainment media corporations in Asia. Furthermore, the unit is also highly appreciated by its partners through its humanitarian and social charity activities programs.

Along with the development of the brand, the unit is aware of its role and mission in building the country. Typical activities include activities charity OKVip such as: Building schools, supporting people to eradicate hunger and reduce poverty, helping disadvantaged people, organizing scholarships,…

This is also a way to help the group demonstrate the good tradition according to the motto “Good leaves protect torn leaves” of great leader Ho Chi Minh. Furthermore, most of these activities always receive a lot of support from people.

Overview of OKVip group

OKVip charity activities in the community

OKVip always considers charity activities to be key in building social security, so the group has committed to devoting 30% of its profits to this. Not only that, the subsidiaries under the unit’s management also agree to spend 15% of their revenue to support charity funds. Typical examples include the following community activities:

Helping policy households

The first thing to mention is activity OKVip charity for households and individuals in difficult circumstances. Typically, the fund helps pregnant mothers who have miscarriages or premature births.

There are also support activities for “Natural Disaster Relief” to help families encountering storms, floods, volcanoes, landslides, etc. Besides, there is also an “Environmental Protection” fund with countless resources. project sow forests, pollution prevention,…

OKVip Charity – Joining hands to build schools

Not stopping there, the group has spent a large amount of money on school construction activities in remote areas. This helps all Vietnamese children learn to read and write to avoid becoming illiterate later, making life more difficult. The most typical areas include: EA Yieng 2 Primary School in Ea Yieng Commune, Hoa Binh Primary School, Phu Tho Primary School,…

OKVip Charity – Joining hands to build schools

Distributing scholarships to students

Besides school construction activities, the group also organizes additional funds OKVip charity with a scholarship program for thousands of students with good achievements. This is considered the most meaningful and humane activity of the unit for the bright future of Vietnamese students. Typical examples include:
see :

  • Support 1,000 scholarships for poor students in difficult circumstances at the elementary level.
  • 500 scholarships are awarded to junior high school students who have achieved outstanding achievements.
  • The program awards 300 scholarships to students who always try to improve despite difficult circumstances.

Food support for the poor

Included in the program list charity OKVip There is also a humanitarian activity that provides food for the poor and disabled. In particular, the group gave 1,000 gifts to families facing difficulties in Ho Chi Minh City.

In addition, the group recently completed the mission “Connecting Big Hands” by helping people with disabilities who cannot afford treatment in Hanoi. Besides, 2,000 loving gifts were also sent to households affected by natural disasters such as Quang Binh, Thua Thien Hue, Quang Tri,…

Support food for the poor

OKVip charity and future directions

In addition to the charity programs organized by the group for social security activities of Vietnamese people. This unit also has other future directions related to support funds. Specifically:

  • The Group wants to expand the scope of charitable activities through the orientation of building more schools in remote areas.
  • OKVip as well as many other events such as health care, education,… with the desire to bring Vietnamese people a lot of joy while still facing material and mental difficulties.
  • In order to bring trust to the social community, the unit has allowed public monitoring of activities related to financial spending.

Through the content of the above article, we have shared with you the activities charity OKVip through programs to support the construction of social security. Furthermore, with its responsibility, the group is always committed to playing its role to bring joy to millions of Vietnamese people across the country.

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