What color is the Man Thuy Chicken? Full Answers About Chicken Network Chicken

Is it really important when it comes to the color of a cock’s web in cockfighting? Do you know what color the water chicken is and what color other chickens are? Please follow the detailed analysis below from a reputable Link New88 to best understand the color of the cock’s life and related factors.

Overview of specific chicken networks

In the five element system, including Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth, each element has a corresponding color range of fighting cock feathers. There are chicken feather colors that are considered compatible, creating strength together. At the same time, as well as contrasting colors, causing confrontation for the cocks. To choose the color of a fighting cock’s life in general is to know What color is the water chicken? Specifically, every cocker needs to clearly understand the law of the five elements.

Below are the feng shui fighting cock networks, classified according to the five elements, for everyone’s reference.

  • Chickens of the Metal element will often have yellow or white feathers.
  • Chickens of the Wood element have gray feathers.
  • Chickens belonging to the Water element have gray, blue or blue feathers.
  • Chickens of the Fire element have red feathers.
  • Chickens of the Earth element have brown or earthy orange feathers.

So with the question “What color is the Thuy chicken?” then black, grey, blue and umbrella colors are the right answer. To increase strength according to the five elements, players need to combine the color of the chicken’s feathers above with other factors to choose the strongest chicken.

Answering questions about what color is the water chicken and other networks in detail

Below Nhacaiuytin specifically summarizes the answer “ What color is the water chicken? ” along with other colors for cockers

About “What color is the Thuy chicken?”

Chickens with the Water element often have black feathers, the same color represents the color of the Water element, blue. If the chicken is not blue, but is black and the umbrella is usually still chosen as the Water element. To enhance the Water element of chickens, cockers can combine black and white feather colors with blue, white, and yellow leg colors.

Below is a detailed list of categories What color is the Thuy chicken?

  • Green chicken
  • O chicken
  • Green chicken sticks
  • Black banana chicken
  • Black sesame owl chicken

What are the different colors of chicken webs?

Other chicken lives will have the following colors:

  • Kim’s fighting chickens are often seen with white or yellow feathers.
  • Moc network fighting cocks will have gray plumage (For example, Gray God, Gray Messi were famous at one time).
  • Fire fighting chickens stand out with their red color (cashew chickens, burgundy chickens)
  • Earth fighting chickens are recognized by their brown, earthy brown colors.

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The complementary and opposing colors of cockerels need to be understood

The list of feather colors of fighting cocks corresponding to mutual and incompatible relationships is as follows:

  • The corresponding colors are detailed: Metal gives birth to Water, Water gives birth to Wood, Wood gives birth to Fire, Fire gives birth to Earth and finally Earth gives birth to Metal.
  • Specific opposing colors: Metal overcomes Wood, Wood overcomes Earth, Earth overcomes Water, Water overcomes Fire and finally Fire overcomes Metal.

The most important thing is to observe the feather color of your cock and your opponent’s. If the color of your chicken’s feathers matches the color of your opponent’s feathers, your chances of winning will certainly increase. However, if your opponent’s fur color is similar to yours, consider carefully and consider a few more factors before going into battle.

Should we check the color of the chicken’s web or not?

The color of the fighting cock’s web in general and What color is the water chicken? in particular In each fight, it is not the factor that completely determines the win or loss of a cockfight. That is just a spiritual part that helps increase luck for the cocker. Before observing the color of the cock’s web today, it is important to prepare your fighting cock in good condition. Cockers need to consider appropriate diet, rest and exercise, especially before cockfighting day.

Although Nhacaiuytin does not encourage relying on the color of the network to make decisions, cockers can still use it as a reference for the color of the network of the fighting cock tomorrow. This helps create confidence and motivation for cockfighters before bringing their cocks into the match.

However, the most important and core thing to win is to take good care of the fighting cocks. Make sure your chickens are in the best health and mentally ready before each fight. If the chicken is sick, even if it has the luckiest color that day, it will be difficult to win. That is what anyone participating in cockfighting needs to understand.


Above, a reputable game portal has answered readers about the topic “ What color is the water chicken? ” and other related factors.The color of the chicken’s life today is just a secondary factor to increase luck for cockers and chickens before important matches. People should not be led astray by this and forget the most important thing which is to take good care of their cocks.

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