Bigg Boss 17 Contest on Glance: Once in a Lifetime Chance to Meet Salman Khan!”

Every Indian has at one point in time or the other loved Bigg Boss. It’s a common love people share and it’s Bigg Boss 17 this year. But it comes bearing gifts in integration with India’s smart lock screen technology; Glance. Together they form a killer combo, killer enough to make ex-Bigg Boss contestants jealous. But, does it make only the ex-contestants jealous? Not at all. It is also time that 190 million Indian users of Glance smart lock screen, get jealous of the selected three!

Yes, there are a lot of Bigg Boss viewers and a lot of Glance smart lock screen users. But only 3 get the lifetime chance to meet Salman Khan! Don’t worry, you read it right! If you are a Glance user alongside a Bigg Boss fan, it’s your lifetime chance to meet Salman Khan! That’s enough repeating, the point is made. Glance brings you a Bigg Boss contest. Get your “Dimaag” ready with Glance and its strategy! For further details, read the article below.

Participate in the Bigg Boss contest on Glance and meet Salman Khan

Embracing Bigg Boss 17: Glance Unveils a Common Love for Every Indian

What do you say? Are you a Bigg Boss fan? You are and Glance gets it. This year, Glance is ready with Bigg Boss 17; an unbeatable integration. There’s drama, there’s news for all you fanatics out there. Your common love for Bigg Boss is now equally shared by the Glance smart lock screen.

This year, Glance will not only keep you updated but also the contestants inside “The House of Strategy.” The Glancified tips that flash on the big phone screen, will turn them into a strategy genius! What? A phone? Yes. A phone. Glance is unique and Bigg Boss 17 is unique. Rumors are that ex-contestants are jealous of all that’s there in the house this year. They should be. But, you, Glance users, need not be.

Glance brings to you Bigg Boss contests, live shows, polls, and quizzes. All of this benefits you, how? By increasing your chances to win a chance to meet Salman Khan, in person! So, who’s excited? To turn on the Glance smart lock screen you can click here.

Glance and Bigg Boss 17 Integration: The Ultimate Killer Combo (H2)

What do killers do? They remove someone from existence. The combo (Glance+Bigg Boss 17) will remove someone from existence alright. Who? The previous Bigg Boss seasons. A strong claim needs strong backing. Don’t worry Glance with their unique features, has it covered.

When we say an integration. We mean an intervention. Bigg Boss House needed to step up and Glance is ready with its strategy. Everything that happens in the house this year, will pass by your Glance smart lock screen. So, keep a lookout. It might just be the information you need to meet Salman Khan.

Glance Presents Bigg Boss Contest: Your Chance to Meet Salman Khan

When you hear about a meet and greet with a celebrity. What comes to your mind? Most people will say, “What a great opportunity!” Glance has seized that opportunity for you. You now have a chance to meet your favorite host—Salman Khan. It’s not a bluff, but a real-time opportunity that Glance will give to 3 lucky users.

Before that, are you even a Glance user? Yeah. Because the Bigg Boss contest is on Glance Live Destinations only if you are a user, you can avail it. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to download some large app to use Glance. Glance isn’t an app. It’s built into your phones. You just have to follow the steps here and you can access; a personalized Glance smart lock screen.

Glance Smart Lock Screen: Your Gateway to the Bigg Boss Contest 

Glance smart lock screen ever since its origin is focused on one thing. It’s to make the lock screen interactive and engaging. The Bigg Boss contest will be the same. On your Glance smart lock screen, you can access live shows, updates, and bytes on Bigg Boss 17.

Using this information, you will keep updated about every contestant, their moves, every task, and every nomination. You will have a friend in Glance smart lock screen. One who knows everything about Bigg Boss, 24/7.

Now, if you are wondering, “Where on Glance?” You have a good question. Glance has a lot of things like games, weather updates, and whatnot. But, we have got you. Glance will have everything on Bigg Boss 17 on their

  • live shows,
  • buzz section,
  • live interviews,
  • polls,
  • quizzes, etc.

Is someone still confused? You can find a guide to Glance here.

Strategize with Glance: Chart Your Path to Meeting the Bollywood Star

To win, you’ll need to strategize. Only a “Dimaag” with the power of strategy will win the Bigg Boss contest. So, are you in?

With Glance lock screen you will get a lot. Do you want to go through the lot? Here it is:

  • Updates on contestants and their strategies
  • Polls on a contestant’s next move
  • Quizzes about who played the best this week
  • Live shows on Glance daily to update on Bigg Boss 17
  • Bigg Boss Contests on Live Destinations. (Be on the lookout.)
  • News about drama, insider updates on Bigg Boss 17 Buzz

All this is your elixir to win that meet-up with Salman Khan, preferably in Bigg Boss 17 sets!

That’s the dream. And you can now grab it. Go and have a look at your Glance smart lock screen now. Who knows, maybe this is the secret that’ll open your door to Bigg Boss sets.

Explore the World of Glance and Bigg Boss 17 Contest

Glance makes your world bigger, sitting at your home. You can participate and get the chance to meet Salman Khan! Not only that, you can feel you are a part of the game with all the exclusive content on Bigg Boss 17! So, don’t wait while others snatch away your opportunity!

To grab the opportunity, you will need to enable Glance smart lock screen on your smartphone. And it’s really easy. Follow this: Open Settings—Display— Enable Glance.

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